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The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) European Futurity is the largest NRHA show outside of North America. For several years this was its official website.
Content is from the site's 2015 archived pages.

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Welcome to NRHA European Futurity 2015
Kreuth (Germany), April 19 - 25, 2015

Added Money for the NRHA European Futurity: over 150.000.- Euro in NRHA European Open Futurity*, over 60.000.- Euro in KL Performance Horses NRHA European Non Pro Futurity*, 30.600.- Euro in the NRHA Ancillary Show.

*subject to change based on nominations


Time Schedule NRHA European Futurity, Kreuth 2015


Friday, April 17 , 2015

08:00 AM   Paid warm up    

Saturday, April 18, 2015

08:00 AM   Open Arena     
08:00 AM   NRHA Steward School    

Sunday, April 19, 2015

09:00 AM   Judge & Steward / Riders Meeting    
12:00 noon   NRHA European Open Futurity First Go-Round 1st Section   Pattern 6

Monday, April 20, 2015

08:00 AM   NRHA European Open Futurity First Go-Round 2nd Section   Pattern 6
    KL Performance Horses Europ. Non Pro Fut. First Go-Round 1st Section   Pattern 8

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

08:00 AM   450€ Added NRHA Lim. Open / 3.500€ Added NRHA Interm. Open   Pattern 11
    450€ Added Arcese Lim. Non Pro / 2.500€ Added Arcese Interm. Non Pro   Pattern 5

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

08:00 AM   Consolation run Level 1 - 4 KL Performance Horses Europ. Non Pro Fut.    Pattern 6
    Consolation run Level 1 - 4 NRHA European Open Futurity    Pattern 8
    850€ Added Arcese Novice Horse Non Pro Level 2   Pattern 9
    5.000€ Added Open 5&Up   Pattern 7

Thursday, April 23, 2015

08:00 AM   850€ Added NRHA Novice Horse Open level 2   Pattern 10
06:30 PM   Town Talk / Riders Meeting    
07:30 PM   Draw Party Level 1/2/3/4 Non Pro Futurity Finals    
    Draw Party Level 1/2/3/4 Open Futurity Finals    
    Exhibiters Party    

Friday, April 24, 2015

08:00 AM   2,000€ Added Arcese Non Pro 5 &Up   Pattern 4
    10.000€ Added NRHA Open   Pattern 10
05:00 PM   KL Performance horses  Europ. Non Pro Finals - Section 1 (Levels 1 - 3)   Pattern 9
07:30 PM   Opening ceremony    
    KL Performance horses  European Non Pro Finals - Section 2 (Level 4)   Pattern 9
    Celebration of Champions      

Saturday, April 25, 2015

08:00 AM   Youth 13 & Under    Pattern 8
    Youth 14 - 18   Pattern 8
    Rookie   Pattern 6
    5,000€ Added Arcese Non Pro   Pattern 6
04:00 PM   NRHA European Open Futurity  Finals - Section 1 (Levels 1 - 3)   Pattern 10
07:30 PM   Opening Ceremony    
    NRHA European Open Futurity  - Section 2 (Level 4)   Pattern 10
    Celebration of Champions         
    Big Party



Nomination Program

The National Reining Horse Association European Nomination Program Has Another Strong Year

The European component of the NRHA Nomination Program was established to strengthen European reining breeding programs and to insure the long-term success of the NRHA European Futurity. Since 2009, foals have been required to nominate to the program to be eligible to enter the NRHA European Futurity, to win added money created by the program and to earn nominator incentives.

There has been overwhelming support of the NRHA Nomination Program since its inception. In 2014, 761 weanlings were nominated, setting another record for the most nominations in the program’s history.

Thanks to this continued success, the total payout at the 2014 NRHA European Futurity was 12.169,05€. In addition, the added money at the 2015 NRHA European Futurity more than doubled from the EU futurity conditions in the Open level 1 & 2, in Non Pro and level 1, 2 and 3.

“The intention of the NRHA European Nomination Program was to create a solid base of added money for all levels of the NRHA European Futurity and Derby,” says Nick Cornellisens, NRHA European Programs Advisor. “We’ve seen great support and enthusiasm for the program from both European and American breeders. Thanks to everyone that has nominated a foal, this goal is being accomplished. The program is adding to the strength of the reining industry by creating an attractive event for riders competing at every level.”


 The nomination fee for a weanling is $300 (plus $35 Competition License Fee).

 The weanling nomination deadline is December 31 of the year the foal is born. The nomination fee for a yearling is $2,000 (plus $35 Competition License Fee). Horses 2-years old and older can be nominated at a higher fee.

 The nominator receives a 5% of the money earned by that horse at the NRHA European Futurity and Derby – even if the horse is sold.

– Nomination makes the foal eligible to enter the NRHA European Futurity and Derby.

– Those who want to add on the North American option (NRHA U.S. Futurity and NRHA U.S. Derby) can do so by paying an additional $100.

NRHA is there for you in Kreuth

The NRHA staff members are happy to answer any questions concerning the NRHA European Nomination Program. Please contact them during the show in the NRHA Booth located in Ostbayernhalle.

Nomination Program Contact:
Nick Cornelissens
Phone: +32 477 572589




Cody Sapergia & Made In Walla win the Open Futurity in Kreuth

Kreuth, Germany, April 25, 2015 – Provided by Simona Diale –

Draw eight in the second section of the 2015 NRHA European Futurity Open finals on Saturday night in Kreuth were the go-round Level 4 Open winners: Cody Sapergia and Made In Walla, a gelding by Walla Walla Whiz and out of Hollywood Made owned by Sabine Lisec and Chuck Klipfel, European nominated by Ambrosini Quarter Horses.

Cody Sapergia - Made in Walla

The duo had scored a 222 in the qualifying go-round of the €92,000-added Level 4 Open Futurity. Once their turn came in the exciting Saturday night finals, they repeated their feat and their score held until the very end. Earning the NRHA Million Dollar Rider and past NRHA Open World Champion their very first NRHA European Open Futurity Championship. “When we went in tonight, my horse felt really good and I just wanted to repeat what we did in the qualifying go-round, and we did,” said an enthused Cody. “This is my first European Futurity title and I’m really happy for the owners, Sabine and Chuck, and of course I would like to thank my team both for their help and their results here tonight.”

The reserve-championship in the Level 4 Open – a half a point behind the winners -  went to multiple past NRHA Open World Champion Ann Fonck and Roses For Einstein, the pretty mare by Einsteins Revolution and out of Roses Champagne, owned by 23 Quarter Horses Azienda Agricola S.S. “I’m so happy with the way my mare went for me tonight,” said the past multiple NRHA Open Champion. “She really tries to give me all she has and has matured so much over the winter.”

Mirco Middli

Earning both the €40.095-added Level 3 and the €23.375-added Level 2 Open Championship with a score of 214 were Mirko Midili and RS Starfighter Lena, a stallion by Spat Olena and out of RS Cheerry Miss Jac owned and nominated by Claudio Risso of Italy. “I’m thrilled with this double title,” said the Italian rider. “He’s a super horse – unfortunately the go-round didn’t go too well but we made up for it tonight.”

Second place honors in the Level 3 division went to Miroslav Baniari of the Czech Republic riding the Markel Sale grad, Starlit Spook (Smart Spook x Gay Light Star) owned by Wolfgang Hammer and European nominated by Rosanne Sternberg. The pair score a 213.5.

In the Level 2 division, tying for the reserve honors were: Tomas Martinek riding JP Great Lil Wimpy(Wimpys Little Step x Great Red Dun), a gelding owned by Franz Koldas and European nominated by Jac Point QH and Stephan Rohde aboard Prince Of Guns (I Am Shotgunner x LF Cockys Queen), a stallion owned by Manfred Klaus Getz and European nominated by Anja Deutzmann. Stephan and his mount also took reserve honors in the Level 1 division.

Roberta Dubini

Winning the €11.687-added Level 1 division, with a 212, was Roberta Dubini of Italy with One More Whiz Girl, a mare by Topsail Whiz and out of Dun It Precociously, owned and European nominated by Luga Quarter Horses. “We made the finals thanks to the Consolation and I am so happy,” said the young Italian lady reiner. “This is my first time here at the European Futurity and it’s wonderful to be able to go home with this title.”

The seventh edition of the NRHA European Futurity once again proved to be a great success with the numbers that went up both in the Futurity divisions and in the Level 3, 2 and 1 Open and Non Pro added increasing thanks to the NRHA European Nomination Program.

Photo courtesy Andrea Bonaga


NRHA Youth 13 & Under / Youth 14-18

Kreuth, Germany, April 25, 2015 – Provided by Simona Diale –

Matteo Capella

Winning the NRHA Youth 13 & Under with a score 212 was Matteo Capello riding RS Knockout Olena(Spat Olena x Boggie Bar Linda), a 5-year-old gelding. “Our goal here in Kreuth is to earn points to qualify for the NRHA European Affiliate Championship,” said the young rider from Italy. “RS Knockout Olena is a fantastic horse and today I made some mistakes but he was fantastic! I’m very happy for this and now he will be shown in the IRHA Derby by Mirko Midili.” In the NRHA Youth 14-18 the winner is Lena Maire Maaswith Mr Stun Gun between the reins and a score of 207.5. Mr Stun Gun is a 7-year-old gelding by Gunner and out of The Boss Kid. Second place honors in this class went to Italian Matteo Bonzano and Custom Big Chic (Custom Pistol x Olena Pride). The 8-year-old gelding is owned by 23 Quarter Horses Azienda Agricola.

Rookie Level 2

Carolin Ottillinger

Winning  Rookie Level 2 was Carolin Ottillinger of Germany riding Smart Like My Daddy (Smart Like Juice x Jacks My Sugar Daddy). The pair scored a 206.5. “This 10-year-old mare is just amazing,” said Carolin. “I’m so happy. She is always cool, she is always focused and with me. I have a really good feeling.”On the second step of the podium was Gabriela Kueng from Switzerland with her Einsteins Redneck (Einstein x Fly Flashy Jac) between the reins and the score of 206.


Arcese Euro 5,000,- added NRHA Non Pro

Nicole Hubner

It took a 215 to win the Arcese Euro 5,000,- added NRHA Non Pro and that is what German Nicole Hubnerposted riding her Starstruck Tag (Whiz N Tag Chex x Marilyns Benz). I have been in the finals more than once with this great 5-year-old gelding,” said Nicole. “He was simply fantastic today and I would like to thank my trainer, Cody Sapergia, for all his help.” Second place honors in this class went to Nadia Lattmanriding her JP Surely Red Dry (Heza Sure Whiz x Dry Senorita). The duo posted a score of 213.5.

The Stallion Auction

Stallion owners around the globe have generously donated a breeding of their stallions to the 2015 NRHA European Futurity Stallion Auction. Thank you and a special thank you to those who bid!

Photo courtesy Andrea Bonaga



KL Performance Horses Non Pro Futurity Marina Becker & Walla Whiz Crome take the championship

Kreuth, Germany, April 24, 2015 – Provided by Simona Diale –

An exciting KL Performance Horses Non Pro Futurity excited the crowd in the Ostbayernhalle arena tonight as thirty horse-rider combinations rode their 4-year-old horses vying for the championship titles in the prestigious competition.

Draw 11 in the second section was Marina Becker of Germany riding her Walla Whiz Crome (Walla Walla Whiz x Custom Rome), nominated by breeder Michel Rose, with NRHA LTE over $17,700. Their run was worth a 215, score which held until the very last contestant and which earned them the €36,000-added Level 4 KL Performance Horses Non Pro Futurity Championship. “I didn’t expect this all!” said an enthused Marina. “It’s the first time that I make the finals here and I’m so happy. This is the first year I’m only eligible for the level 4 and I was a little bit afraid to show but it went well. I still cannot believe it, my horse is so talented and is just awesome. I want to be careful not to make any mistakes this evening so I start a little bit slow but then everything went just great at the end!”

Marina Becker

Tying for the reserve championship in the Level 4 championship was Gina Maria riding Star Bleach (Star Spangled Whiz x Snappy Bleach) owned by Chanay Sky Management SA – and nominated by Fabrizio Bevilacqua - and Manuel Bonzano of Italy riding his Spook O Jay, a stallion by Smart Spook and out of Holly O Jay nominated by Rosanne Sternberg. Both scored a 213.  “I'm happy for both of my horses, they were really good. Honestly, I expected something more from LC Shining Gun. I tried but it did not go as I had hoped,” said Bonzano.

“I'm ok but could be happier,” commented Gina Maria about her finals which she earned with two horses. “I made some mistakes, but both my horses are fantastic and I hope to do better in the future with them.”

Fabienne Suter - SL Wild Spook

Earning the €17.531-added Level 3 and the €10,017-added Level 2 Non Pro Championship was Fabienne Suter aboard her SL Wild Spook, European nominated by breeder by Sandra Linnig-Fohl, with a score of 208.5. The duo had already tied to win the Level 4 qualifying go-round as well as the Level 3 and Level 2. “I’m really happy with my horse and the way my trainer Cody (Sapergia) prepared him for me tonight,” said the Swiss rider. “I didn’t concentrate on my last my manoeuver because my horse had done so well for me until then and … I missed the marker in the last stop. I’m happy with these two titles and now look forward to showing him at the Italian and German Derby.”

Earning the reserve championship in both the Level 3 and Level 2 was Andrea Bianchini riding his Jac Little Step (Wimpys Little Step x Donnola Chex), European nominate by Luigi Parise, with a score of 207.5. “This my first time riding this horse so I am so happy with the reserve championship in both these divisions here,” said the Italian rider.

Emma Villa

Italian Emma Villa, draw one in the first section of the Non Pro finals, posted a 209.5. Her score held until the very end and slid her to the €5,000-added Level 1 Championship aboard Dual Spirit (Dualin For Me x RDH Spirit Of Dun It) owned and European nominated by her. “I still cannot believe it and I’m thrilled with the title and my mare,” she said. “I cannot thank my boyfriend and trainer, Davide Brighenti, enough for being such a huge support.”

Riding Remin Lilly Whiz (Remin Whiz x Precocious Lil Chic), owned and ridden by Tullio Mascarello and European Nominated by Daniele Mascarello took the reserve championship in the Level 1. “I expected a little bit more, I made a few mistakes, but I am overjoyed! It went very well, better than I expected. This is my mare’s second show and I have to thank my trainer Beppe Prevosti for the great job he did with her,”said Tullio.
The NRHA Youth classes will open the day on Saturday followed by the €5,000-added Arcese Non Pro. The seventh edition of the NRHA European Futurity will close with the Open finals tomorrow afternoon


A youthful morning

On the last day of the NRHA European Futurity prior to the open finals, the arena of Ostbayernhalle in Kreuth belonged to youth competitors. They showed in Youth 13 & Under and Youth 14-18 classes.

Franziska Wallner

Franziska Wallner won the class for the youngest with her 10-year-old mare Prosecco Enterprise (Chex Enterprise x Tobs Miss Roby, owned by Heidi Wallner). The 12-year-old girl has ridden since she was 5-years-old, and from the beginning she knew it must be reining. „With the score of 203.5, I am really happy,“ she said after her ride. „When I ride the first steps into the arena, I can feel if it will be good or not. Today, I felt something in between, but it turned out to be really good. This season I want to finish as a Rookie.“

Gina Maria

The champion in the Youth 14-18 class was Gina Maria on Spookin Right On (Smart Spook x Jessies Right On). With a score of 208, the German rider left the second place youth three-points behind. At last year’s event, the talented youth won the 14-18 class, as well as the highly contested Arcese Non Pro class. Other accolades include winning the 2012 NRHA European Affiliate Championship in the Intermediate Non Pro.

The reserve champion with a score of 205 was Shawn Wagner on Oakendokie (Smart Chic Olena x Oakwood Trim). The 14-year-old German has ridden for about four years now and already has become a member of the AQHA World Youth Cup team and member of the junior national team NRHA/Germany. „I should have been a little bit faster,“ he said. „The horse didn’t make a mistake, she always takes care and listens. She always wants to give the best. Especially her rundowns are great.


The Non Pro

Vanety Korbus

Topping the field of 30 entries in the Arcese Non Pro class was Vanety Korbus of Germany and her GR Hug A Jewel (Solanoswarlee Boy x Hug A Freckle x Colonel Jay Bar). She rode her mare to a score of 215.5 to take the NRHA trophy home with her. Earlier in the week, Nina Lill showed GR Hug A Jewel to win the Open class. Vanety had planned on, but Nina was searching for a horse to ride in the 5 &  Up and the Open. Vanety graciously agreed and made the decision that created a very successful weekend for the team.

In second place in the Non Pro was Ingrid Vermeiren (Belgium) riding her gelding Rooster Trip to a score of 214. The 2001 gelding is by Cielo San Badger and out of Trips Flite by Tripolay Bar.


Live Stream for the Finals!

Dear Reining Fans,
Unexpected technical problems with the net we were unable to provide continuous coverage livestream during 2015 NRHA European Futurity. We are sorry! 
We are happy to announce that we have fixed these and will be able to follow our great event today. 
Thank you for your patience ! Enjoy the show! 

Liebe Reining Fans
aufgrund unerwarteter technischer Problem mit unserem Netzwerk war es uns leider nicht moeglich, eine unterbrechungsfreie Übertragung des Livestream während der European Futurity 2015 zu gewährleisten. Es tut uns sehr leid! 
Wir freuen uns nun mitzuteilen, dass wir diese Problem lösen konnten und Sie ab heute dieses Event wieder live erleben konnen.
Vielen Dank fur Ihre Geduld, genießen sie die show! 

Dear Fans of Reining,
due to unexpected technical problems with the network it was not possible to provide the continuous coverage of the livestream during the 2015 NRHA European Futurity. We're sorry! 
But we are happy to announce that we have solved these problems and we are now ready to follow today's big event. 
Thanks for your patience! Enjoy the show!


Voices of Participants

 » Morey Fisk

Bildimpression Morey Fisk

» The NRHA European Futurity is a highlight of the year for the riders, breeders, all Reining enthusiasts.

I really enjoy being part of this spectacular show «

» Rudi Kronsteiner

Bildimpression Rudi Kronsteiner

» The European Futurity is something very special among the shows of the reining year. It is the big test for Europe's premier 4-year-old horses and a must of every reining horse fan.With this event, European reining has made a huge step forward. The quality of horses and riders is excellent, competition tough. You only have to look at the scores necessary to even be in the finals.

A big thank you to the organizers of this great show and NRHA for making such an event possible. «

Rudi Kronsteiner is Europe's leading money earner in reining and the first non-American NRHA Million Dollar Rider. The Austrian who lives and trains in Germany, won the NRHA European Futurity Open Level 4 twice, was an NRHA World Champion Open three times and FEI World Reining Masters Champion twice. In fact, Rudi won every major European reining show at least once including the ITRHA Futurity and Derby, the ARHA Futurity and the NRHA Breeders Futurity.

» Susy Baeck

» The EU Futurity means for us the highlight of the year!. We support this event already for many years because we think Europe is ready for a major event like this! And the previous futurities and the number of entries for upcoming futurity prove we were right. We are a sponsor from the beginning but we also would like to thank all old and new sponsors for joining us in this event.

Standing all together makes us stronger. That is what we like in our sport! And if we can keep up this amount of support and with the nomination program helping us starting from next year, we are convinced that we can take this event even to a higher level than it is today! «

Eifel Gold Ranch is one Europe's leading breeders of reining horses. The horses with the 'BB' in their names gained international reputation. As owners, the Baeck family's Lifetime Earnings are more than $ 500,000. The Ranch is the home of Little Gump, Don Quixote Escapes and Peek A Boom. Little Gump was 2009 NRHA Reserve Leading Sire Europas and is an NRHA Belgium Hall of Famer.

With Don Quixote Escapes (Okie Paul Quixote x The Great Escape) and Peek A Boom (Boomernic x The Great Escape), Cira Baeck earned her two NRHA World Champion Non Pro titles in 2007 resp. 2008. Don Quixote Escapes (LTE over $ 103,000) is the sire of Austrian Futurity Champion Don John Escapes BB.

Top horses of Eifel Gold Ranch include Gumpy Grumpy BB (Little Gump x Hollywood Balloues by Hollywood Dun It) with NRHA LTE over $ 73,000, Whizasunnysailor BB (Topsail Whiz x Walla Walla Sunshine byShining Spark / NRHA LTE over $ 57,000) and Whizashiningwalla BB (Topsail Whiz x Walla Walla Sunshine) LTE over $ 52,000.

» Nico Hörmann

» I'm really looking forward to the NRHA European Futurity. The grounds and the entire organization in Kreuth offer best prerequisites for a successful tournament. «

» Felix Schnabel

» The NRHA European Futurity is a great tournament, this is also reflected by the big attendance. For me it's the first tournament of the season and I'm really looking forward to it. «

» Sylvia Rzepka

» I had a really successful year in 2011. Additional to the finals of the European Futurity i got Euro Derby Open Level 3 Reserve Champion.

So i'm looking forward to the 2012 Euro Futurity and hope for a successful tournament. «

» Vernon Sapergia

» For me the European Futurity is a very important tournament - and this is not only because I became European Futurity Open Reserve Champion in 2010.

In Europe it is one of the most important Reining-Events at all. «

» Oli Stein

Foto Oli Stein

» The NRHA European Futurity is a highlight every year. I hope for a top-class star-delta cubicle and best requirements for a successful tournament. «

» Dominik Reminder

» In my opinion, the NRHA European Futurity is a fantastic tournament and I'm really looking forward to it. In 2011 i was NRHA European Derby Non Pro Champion so it would be great to achieve similar success this year. «

» Tina Künstner-Mantl

Foto Tina K√ľnstner-Mantl

» I am already looking forward to the NRHA Eurpoean Futurity this year. Last year i was Reserve Champion Non Pro Level 3, so i hope to retry this result again this year.
The show is well organised generally and the location offers best conditions for perfect sports. «

» Bernard Fonck

» I am very much looking forward to each NRHA European Futurity! I think it's one of the best things in Europe that we have a futurity like this! It's good for everything, for training, for breeding for selling horses, ...
The level in Europe in category 1 is really high. As long as we have this futurity we will also get a higher level in futurities and Europe will only keep on growing in every aspect of the reining. «

Bernard Fonck is one of Europe's leading money earners in Reining. He was NRHA European Futurity Champion in 2009 and rode Great Sun Burst to the NRHA World Champion Open title twice.

» Volker Schmitt

Bild Volker Schmitt

» The NRHA European Futurity and the NRHA European Derby are milestones  of European Reining. I am very grateful to NRHA for organizing these shows, and I'm looking forward to being there again. «

Volker Schmitt, who trains at La Mesa Ranch in Prichsenstadt (Germany), is one of Europe's leading reiners. From the first time, he competed in the NRHA European Futurity & NRHA Show . His show record here includes 2010 Reserve Champion Open Level 3 with Smoking Mifilena and 2011 NRHA Bronze Trophy Open Champion with Chic Magnetic (owner Equus Quarter Horses).

He is going to ride this stallion again this year in the Bronze Trophy Open. Volker also entered three horses in the European Futurity Open.



Three-Peat for Morey Fisk Aboard Arc Walla Dun Did It

Morey Fisk

After seven days of showing, the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) European Futurity ended in the Ostbayernhalle in Kreuth with the Open Futurity finals, levels (L) 1-4. Nearly 4,000 reining fans made their way to Kreuth to see the international stars of reining. The week ended with high quality competition and a historic crowning of the 2014 champion.

“I am very impressed by this event," said Gary Carpenter, the new NRHA Commissioner. "The organization has been wonderful, the ground, the facility, the quality of the horses, and even the weather.“

The star of the night was Morey Fisk (CAN) who guided Arc Walla Dun Did It (Walla Walla Whiz x Dainty Dun it x Hollywood Dun It), owned by Inge Magnusson of Sweden, to a score of 223.5. The score gave them the win, and Fisk’s third title in consecutive years. He is now the winningest open rider in the event’s history.
Morey Fisk: „Winning this title three years in a row is incredible and I still can't believe it even thought I knew I had a really good horse and that it could be done. Arc Walla Dun Did It was trained by Andrea Fappani and shown by him at the NRHA Futurity so I knew that he was pretty solid, even though I haven't had much time to fit him to my program since he got to France. He did really well in the go-round after which I felt there were a couple of things I needed to work on before the finals. I rode him this morning, he felt really good and tonight he was awesome. I'd like to thank all my team and of course the owner, Inge Magnusson, for having given me this opportunity.
Arc Walla Dun Did It won the 2013 All American Quarter Horse Congress Reining Futurity and placed seventh at the 2013 NRHA Futurity Open with Andrea Fappani. Before tonight, he had $54,410 in NRHA Lifetime Earnings. The chestnut stallion was bred and North American nominated by Arcese Quarter Horses. Magnusson added the European option to make the horse eligible for the NRHA European Futurity. The championship paid $48,090, with 5% going to the nominator. In addition, they won a Bob’s Custom Saddle, a Montana Silversmiths buckle, an NRHA trophy and a cooler from XCS Ranch.
Just one-half point behind was Duane Latimer and Gotta Nifty Gun (Dun It Gotta Gun x Custom Nifty Nic x Custom Crome) for owner Luga Quarter Horses of Italy. The stallion was bred and nominated for North America by Carl Lambert and nominated for Europe by Luga Quarter Horses.
Giovanni Lugara, owner of Gotta Nifty Gun, L 4 reserve champion: „I really want to thank Duane for coming over and showing this horse for us.  He did a really good job and I can't wait to show this horse myself this.”
Duane Latimer:  „This is truly a talented horse, I'm really happy to have had the opportunity to come over to show him here and would like to thank Luga Quarter Horses for this opportunity.”


Level 3 Open Co-Champions

Sylvia Rzepka

Scoring a 215 for the co-championship in the L 3 open division was Sylvia Rzepka (AUT) riding Start A Revolution (Einsteins Revolution x Plenty Of Rest x Custom Crome) and Guy Zemah (ISR) aboard Walla Whiz Keen (Walla Walla Whiz x Keen Little Katie x Tejons Little Johnny). In a mutual decision to make the best interest of their horses the priority, the riders and owners decided against a run-off and shared the championship title. They each earned $15,037, including the nominator incentive.

Start A Revolution ($14,629 NRHA LTE), an NRHA / Markel Insurance Futurity Sales graduate, is owned by Sabine Lisec & Chuck Klipfel. The stallion was nominated by Wagman Ranch.
Walla Whiz Keen was bred by his owner and nominator, Olga Hoffmann. This is the bay gelding’s first major win. 

Level 1 and 2 Open Champions - Schnell and Dunits Finest Stop

Susanne Schnell

From draw 14 in section 1 of the finals, Susanne Schnell (GER) and Dunits Finest Stop ((Footworks Finest x Smart Katy Rio x Ill Be Smart) marked a 212 to win the L1 and L2 open divisions. The stallion was bred and nominated by Christine Bayer and owned by Wolfgang Neuendorff. In all, they earned $14,372 with $718 going to the nominator.
Tying for the reserve championship in the L 2 open division with scores of 211.5 was Julia Schumacher (GER) riding Coeurs Little Tyke andGiovanni Masi De Vargas (ITA) with Saturday Whiz.
Coeurs Little Tyke (Coeur D Wright Stuff x Sweet Remy Chexs x Little Remedy Chexs) is owned and was nominated by Hans-Georg Holzwarth. They also won the reserve championship in the L 1 open division.
Saturday Whiz (Saturdaynight Custom x Anjolena Whiz x Topsail Whiz) is owned by ASD Little Ranch. She was nominated by Ambrosini Quarter Horses.